0-6-0 - 3800-3806 Class - Locomotive Diagram Drawings - With Coal And Oil Fuel Tenders

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    The USRA 0-6-0s were delivered as coal burners, and they carried a coal pusher on the tender.

    It is difficult to pin down a date when they were converted to oil, but that likely occurred during the 1920s.

    The 1950 diagram implies that their conversion to oil was not just a matter of dropping an oil tank into the coal bunker. It appears that they received an entirely different tender.

    Anyone have further information?

    They served primarily in Tulsa, OK.

    But there are a few photographs floating around that depict them in Kansas City during the late stages of steam on the Frisco.

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    I do not have any details, but I am pretty sure the 3800s did indeed receive a new tender when they switched to oil.

    The few pictures of them I can find show the oil tender is anything but a standard USRA tender.

    Archbar trucks, too!

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