Monsanto Chemical Company (St. Louis) had very few railroad cars with their trademark Big Red M likely for legal reasons. Most others were unlabeled and kept to a few. Their all black tank cars were dedicated for dangerous fluids such as Elemental Phosphorous. Monsanto kept it simple.

mountaincreekar, Mar 20, 2019
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    • Jesse Henry
      Love that Battery Well along side the tracks!

    • mountaincreekar
      "Eagle Eye" Jesse, ha ha :cool:

      The picture of 2 electric boxes you sent to me with gobs of wires,
      what do they all do?

      Where do the railroads mount a motion detector that activates a grade crossing single?
      the devise to tell if a bearing is hot, & other things wrong, ?

      Is the Battery Well along side the tracks a backup power source?or used where live power is not available?

      Are you going to become an electrical or instrumentation engineer?
      a locomotive driver engineer?

    • Jesse Henry
      Hello Charles, a battery well would usually be at a grade crossing and sometimes where signal lights are, for instance in Bixby Missouri at county road 85 there was a relay case, and a battery well that sat behind the signal case. A battery well would just consists of Edison batteries or new railroad batteries (i have some old Thomas A Edison battery oil bottles that i found while hiking the tracks) i will send you a picture later of the batteries left in the battery well at county road 85, and my bottles. The railroad does not use Motion Detectors anymore or that i´m aware of they use a new device. just like a motion sensor but has more features and is´nt called a motion sensor. And every so often through out the track there would be a defect detector, this counts the axles of the train, the length of the train, counts and recognizes each train car/engine. and it will tell the train crew if they have a dragging air hose, or if there is a hot wheel or any rare kind of heat detected. When i get older i plan on working for BNSF as a Signal Maintainer, which works on lights, and track equipment..

    • Karl Stevenson
      Many years ago a signal maintainer on the southern pacific railroad showed me that an electrical short between the rails via the axles of locomotives or cars on an insulated section of track from the rest of the track activated or deactivated the crossing signals when passing into or out of the section for each grade crossing. I assume that it may still pretty much be the same today.
    • mountaincreekar

      A complete directory of railroad "reporting marks"

      from A to Z .
      Commonly found on freight cars
      (Railcar mostly are labeled with 4 letters)
      May 1, 2006

      Examples for Monsanto
      Headquarters are in St. Louis County, MO

      Monsanto Company became divided into mainly the:

      Agricultural Company,
      ( formerly an agricultural division of Monsanto Company}.
      Solutia, Inc.
      ( formerly the Monsanto Chemical Divisions
      of the Monsanto Company).
      There were other companies owned by Monsanto Company
      which were spun-off or sold
      ( some not widely known by employees).


      MOTU Monsanto
      MLSX Monsanto Company
      MOHX Solutia Incorporated
      MLUX Solutia Incorporated
      MCPX is a division of Solutia Incorporated <<====<<<
      P =Plastics Division ?
      Saflex a product
      made as pellets ....
      heated and extruded by the plastics customer.

      Other Reporting Marks Examples:

      ABIX Anheuser-Busch Incorporated
      ACPX Amoco Oil Company
      AMIX Railcar Leasing Specialists Incorporated
      AMTZ Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
      ARMH Union Pacific Railroad Company
      ARMN Union Pacific Railroad Company
      AROX General American Transportation Corporation
      ARPX Amoco Oil Company
      ART American Refrigerator Transit Company
      BPPX GATX Capital Corporation
      CCBX Union Carbide Corporation
      CORX Coors Brewing Company
      DBCX BASF Corporation
      DCCU Dow Corning Corporation
      DCCX McDonnell Douglas Corporation
      DCLX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
      DDEX Dupont Dow Elastomers LLC
      DKUX Exxon Company U.S.A
      DOWX Dow Chemical Company
      DUPX Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated
      DUCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
      EPAX Exxon Mobil Corporation
      ETCX Eastman Chemical Company Incorporated
      EUSX Exxon Company U.S.A.
      FGGX Farmers Grain Co-Operative
      MKTT Union Pacific Railroad Company
      MKTZ Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
      MNA Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad Company
      MNCX Minnesota Corn Processors Incorporated
      MOC Missouri Central Railroad Company
      MP Union Pacific Railroad Company (Missouri Pacific)
      NCDU Burlington Northern
      NSCU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      NSCU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      QOHX Quaker Oats Company
      RSRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      RSRZ Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      RTCX Union Tank Car Company
      SEFX North American Rails Leasing Corporation
      SFTX Continental Tank Car Corporation
      SKCX ARCO Chemical Company
      SHPX ACF Industries Incorporated
      SOU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      TBCX Boeing Company
      TLCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
      TPIU Tropicana Products Incorporated
      TRAX RailAmerica
      TRRA Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis
      TRZU Transamerican Container Leasing Company
      TSNR Tyson Railroad Incorporated
      UCFX Union Carbide Corporation
      USAX Department of Defence Troop Support and
      Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)
      USFU US Department of Defense Air Force
      USPZ U.S. Postal Service
      UTLX Union Tank Car Company
      VICX Union Tank Car Company
      WAB Norfolk Southern Railway Company
      WHCU US Department of Energy
      WYCX Weyerhauser Canada Limited
      XCTU XTRA Intermodal (BNSF)
      ZCAX Zinc Corporation of America
      ZCCX Zeigler Coal Company
      ( There are hundreds more )

      Complete directory of railroad reporting marks from A to Z
      (commonly found on freight cars)

    • Jesse Henry
      @Karl Stevenson yes the signals still work the same today, there is part of the track that has a wire to the track and once it comes in contact with that wire on that rail.

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