Fishing under the bridge at Crooked Creek

Fishing under the bridge at Crooked Creek
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      Did you fish in Crooked Creek?
      Use waders, swim suit or a canoe after a rain?
      What have you been catching in the Meramec
      at Wesco? Who gets the most?
      At Wesco do they say Meramec or Maramec?
    • wpmoreland719
      I've never fished in Crooked Creek, but I hear it's pretty good. I don't believe that it's a navigable stream, so that would make it private property under Missouri law. I did walk up the creek bed from the Meramec to the old bridge abutments a few years ago.

      We catch just about everything in the Meramec at Wesco. Sunfish, bluegill, largemouth, smallmouth, bullhead, google-eye, even gar. I started keeping the gar after I found out how to clean them, and my son and I love jug fishing for them. It's a lot of fun watching them pull a 2 liter bottle under the water and take off with it! In the winter, we gig suckers. I just bought a welded boat with a 90 hp jet outboard that will make a great gigging outfit.

      I think everyone basically pronounces it the same, but typically it's "Meramec." However, at the trout hatchery on Highway 8 between Steelville and St. James, it's "Maramec Springs." Go figure.

    • mountaincreekar
      Do you have the transom up a little to not hit rocksad ?
      I had a jet Merc 20 hp and the druggies stole it and my 6 hp too.
      He in Arkansas we haae a lot of turkey vultures.
      They get them out of the state pen 6 times and within 5 minuters they get drugs again.
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