modeltruckshop, Oct 3, 2017
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    • geep07
      Steve, I would classify this as Reverse Modeling. Instead of a shiny neat model you apt to model it as a piece of history neglected to be recycled into where it came from.
      Excellent model and your modeling skills well, just speaks for itself!
      Not just rust, but the process of rust, the blistering of paint, the tearing and aging of fabric, the list goes on.

    • modeltruckshop
      Thanks John! I appreciate you checking it out and the compliments. I wasn't sure if anyone would care about vehicles or not, but Joe asked me to make an album. So you get all sorts of odd things.. HA
      Funny story to why I even built it. A friend did some of the design work for the kit so several of us decided build one not telling each other what we were doing with it. I knew they would build shiny street rods, I wanted 180' from them.

      Thanks again, Steve
    • geep07
      Why be normal!

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