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    Looks real. Must be sorcery involved.
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    Wednesday Fun. Redbirds up again and on an 11-game tear! While watching, working on another 36-ft boxcar underframe mod. This will be a Chicago, Rock Island, and Texas (CRIT) car for which there is a K4 decal set and a (cracked) builder photo.


    This is the next of several 190x cars that I am building...

    The FRISCO billboard car is the latest to be decaled with a set from Precision Design. I bought a couple of sheets of these, so let me know if interested in any of these sets...


    This past weekend, Kathy and I headed up to Temple, TX for a few hours to catch the train show there. I grabbed a few more Accurail cars to modify and some storage boxes for the growing herd. Apologies for the blurry photos, but cheap cell phones have cheap cameras, apparently (more likely poor operators).


    Neat stuff, including some T-Track and Z-scale layouts....



    My apologies also if you are in one of these photos and I did not recognize you to say hello!

    Take care all,

    -Bob T.
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  3. Mine for the week. I had not done much for a couple weeks. A long time very close friend passed away and kinda squashed my model mojo for a while. But back at it now.
    The new Tangent caboose came out last week. Plus a few pigs all for my main regular customer.
    FE376098-1FFD-42B6-9A03-64E9FC12EEF9.jpeg B1BB3BAB-A710-40B3-8566-7E221E52D5F4.jpeg 950A6B54-227C-4913-B5BA-E3765000F454.jpeg CBA819BB-F50F-4AB5-9373-CC6A5DA74614.jpeg
  4. 06D9D108-2D3A-44F7-AE1A-51900FA37F15.jpeg B278756A-6CCC-4F24-B15F-3A73EA9C792A.jpeg 3DF25FE7-9579-4078-8E05-DA1544D887BC.jpeg 5096E878-D797-4056-B6DA-822ABEC04622.jpeg 4CA26D35-9990-4A8A-86B4-0EBD5B619B6D.jpeg D833DB51-E8DE-4C7E-879B-90C1432743C7.jpeg Wednesday again, time flies when you aren’t very focused I guess.
    RC trucks again this week but some of you may enjoy seeing the current project. For myself I am building a 1/10th scale Toyota replicating a California based show truck that was very popular in the mid 80s ( my formative years) it has a fair amount of body and suspension modifications. Plus lots of paint work to do.
    First a couple of the prototype and then the model.
  5. Ughhh sideways. Oh well you get the idea. I should have edited pics to correct that. Oops

    Here is my attempt at painting the mural on the bedside: proto first then mine. I will use artists oils to blend the sky all together here. E4EB2EAF-0631-4648-9944-8540F74DDC2F.jpeg 8910EF59-1249-4D3E-98EC-18B538EF4C1B.jpeg
  6. Last..
    Here is the PC caboose from last week on the owners layout. Other photos should be on the Tangent website soon.

    3462F81E-6D3E-4A06-BC41-0C32FC0866C4.jpeg D575702B-86A7-4F4F-9A73-A352E2517B67.jpeg
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    Out of sync this week, with not much time for weekend modeling. College visits the past two Friday/Saturdays (U. Texas and Texas A&M) with the younger boy.

    I did manage a bit of work on this CRI&T boxcar, a modification of an Accurail 36-ft car (Double sheath with wood ends). The decal set seems to have been made from a photo that is available. The decal set is from K4 decals (four car numbers, with 150658, shown below, being among them).

    I seem to have not cleared out the molded grab irons and they caught the light here. Maybe some sanding before more clear coating. Getting the decals to lay down in this photo. A bit more work, add the air hoses, and will be ready for weathering. I have a resin car to finish up (FRISCO Billboard) and am going to make one more of these in the StL&SF (Frisco Lines) decals and then weather up the batch.



    (Reference photo from Raymond Breyer Post:

    Hope all are doing well,

    -Bob T.
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    Steve, I rather like PC equipment, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps because their ill-maintained equipment looked quite “rugged” and makes for good modeling topics.

    I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It’s been a hell of a year in so many ways. Hoping that your exceptional modeling can provide a nice respite.
    Best Regards,
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    Very sorry for your loss. I’ve had my two best friends for 48 years and can’t imagine how horrible you must feel.
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  10. Thanks guys. I do appreciate the thoughts. It’s been quite a year for most of us I suspect.

    I grew up in a PC town. I think that’s why I still love beat equipment!!
  11. A couple projects for my main customer to share this week. I had a bunch of his to finish up then get back on mine for a while. The freight cars are all recent Tangent releases. I think I’ve done about 15 of these chessie hoppers now. Lots of coal to move I guess.
    I enjoyed seeing Toms FA so I added mine in the background. His is nicer for sure, mine is best viewed slightly out of focus in the background.

    6B273CDD-D90A-4760-8F5B-EC2EB5C5DE97.jpeg D30CD40D-3467-473D-9192-D62EF23B566A.jpeg 0FDF1D85-F6CF-4436-9529-69A19FB0A8C0.jpeg 8733BCF8-3A2A-4E19-BEC6-2D88538FCC59.jpeg AB81B719-B5BB-41C7-889C-D2BF1B1A944A.jpeg 1CF57BB3-FF0D-49DB-9E72-B850D93F58D7.jpeg CD92EA31-7CB6-44E8-9467-16C272FA51C9.jpeg
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    Used to be Green. Oddballs decals, Scalecoat II, UP hopper gray.
    Now some weathering.
  13. mark

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    Much better in gray with proper lettering. When weathering NO green should show through.

    Hope this helps.


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    LOL roger that Mark, :D
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    Here's something I've been thinking about since viewing all the truly outstanding work you fellas put in. I can't tell the difference between the creativity, discipline, focus and real intelligence you display and that of what people are pleased to call "artists." You guys all show true artistry in your work, and it is really work. It doesn't just happen.
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    METICULOUS. That's the word I was looking for.
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    I agree 100% as I examine all the pages of the thread and the work of true artists contained within. I would never show my work here. Kind of a "Brings a knife to a gunfight" kind of issue. You all are amazing.
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    Below, is the freshly painted/decaled example again.
    Below it is weathered up a bit. Trying to follow the example on the bottom of pg89 of Mr. Molo's Frisco/Katy color guide. Used a few different decal sheets to simulate the
    re-weigh stenciling. Used blank decal pieces, painted Primer, Black and Gray for the patches.
    And another I weathered up a bit.
    Thanks for looking.
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  19. I finished up customer stuff last week and am kind of caught up until the next shipment is here Friday. Here is a couple mild B&O Sd35s from Atlas. and a couple Athearn autoracks headed back to Detroit for a refill.

    Brake lines neeeded reattached after this as you can see. They are too long out of the box and and as the trucks turn they pop out of the brake cylinders. Aggravating... but fixed now.







  20. Being caught up gave me some time to work on the taco stand this week. Getting a base together and building more decks and stairs. I got ties cut (plastic track is a stand in). I have code 250 steel rail outside weathering that the caboose will actually sit on. Slowly but surely getting done.

    This months “What’s Neat” was a reminder that the St Louis RPM for 2022 will be here sooner than later so I gotta get cracking’.


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