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    I like the format that SteveM has for his Mopac list. Once we get a substantial list going we can go back through the Walthers, Atlas, Bachmann, etc. catalogs and try to figure out what years the various items were first produced and subsequently marketed.

    Thanks for the list SteveM. Are those all of the Mopac cars produced or only the ones that you have? I am curious how much bigger the Frisco list will be. Who created your list?

    Since Larry has over 250 Frisco items it should be substantial. If we can do this list (in our spare time), we could use it as the basis for a Frisco N Scale Modelers and Collectors Association, and then lobby manufacturers for more offerings. We could also have MTL or Atlas produce specific items that our organization requests we produce and even do preordering through the organization. I would like to see some good passenger sets produced to scale with actual car names on them. For instance we could try to get enough preorders for one requested passenger car and one freight car per year after an initial run of 3-4 cars was done.

    Here I am getting out of control already. Will anyone try to save me from myself and dreams of grandeur?:)
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  2. Here is my list of factory painted Frisco N scale items

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    Thanks for the great list. I am going to spend some time studying it and will post again.

    Tim Gungoll
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    I checked your list of MTL Frisco with their database which I printed off from their website. Your list is actually more complete. You have the 2 cars with both the old mfg numbers and the mfg new numbers. Their list did not note the distinction. The true collector would want both number schemes for the same car. Did you verify that there are not old numbers for some of the other cars?

    You also have the N scale collector set that was not listed with their main list. I am not a member and am looking for someone to refer me to be a member. If you are a member, would you be willing?

    The only possible mistake I found was that one of the 6244 from the 32060 cars is listed on their site as a 12052 instead of a 6244. That might just be a typing error or their list could be wrong. Let me know. Is their database list how you compiled your MTL list or was it from just following the releases each year?

    If you used the database, have you found complete all-time product listings from other manufacturer's out there? That will be my next step in trying to confirm your list.
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    One other difference though minor was the three car set was sold as a group and as separate cars. Some collectors might want to buy the set in factory wrapper for more value.

    You have done some amazing work in compiling that list. I began looking at Con-Cor. Their site did not list the multiple car numbers for each mfg number. The caboose the first hopper and the first two box cars were not listed either. Were those first four cars special runs?
  6. The MTL entries for the 32060 cars are incorrect (I duplicated a row and then did not change the different numbers) There should be three different car numbers; 12074 issued 11/1974, 12052 in 1/1993 and 6244 in 5/1998

    I created a database for all MTL cars using the first one that MTL posted on their web site in 1998. It was more detailed then the one they have now, but had a lot of omisions. I corrected it and have keep it up to date. The info on the cars that have had two different model numbers came from this old MTL database. Plus I have each of the SLSF cars, which have two different numbers, in the original boxes which verifies the two numbers. I also have the "Micro-Trains A Color History" Vol. I and II which cover the beginning thru 1992, which shows which cars had two different model numbers.

    I do not belong to The N Scale Collector Society. The set is their "Western Road Pack #4" I saw it advertized when they issued it in 2003. Since I was not a member, I couldn't get it. Plus it was kind of pricey. By some miracle, I found one for sale by Wig-Wag at the KC Union Station train show 9/23/06. It was still expensive, but not quite as bad as list.

    The only other source for N scale production that I know of is "Greenberg's Price Guide to 'N' Gauge Trains" 1981 and the Supplment printed in 1983.
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    Thanks for yet more great information. I will try to find those books. We need to find someone to sponsor one of us so that one of us could get the other in. I will keep working on it.

    My father was a Lionel collector. At one point he had nearly everything made. He knew and dealt with Greenberg quite a bit.

    I really lucked out finding you here. Let me know when the next Kansas show is and I will try to meet you there. My friend Dan Harris is one of the regional heads of NMRA. He got me started collecting Frisco. Another gentleman and he worked on a layout for 13 years. The friend died and we moved it to my house and have been working on it 2-3 nights a week for the last month. Before I got it nothing but Frisco was allowed to run on it. I have since polluted it with ATSF, Amtrak, and even a European fleischmann engine I bought in Germany 30 years ago. However, in the spirit of the layout, I want to get my collection to where yours is. If you see any brass or passenger Frisco out there let me know. Do you have any duplicates you want to sell or trade?
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    I found a couple of cars to add to the list. Industrial Rail 90491 hopper
    and also a postage stamp boxcar that I will soon have number on by aurora.
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    I have started a TrainBoard Group called "Frisco N-Scalers" for the sole purpose of tracking N Scale Frisco items, trading items with others, and getting the word out about anything new in Frisco N Scale.

    The group isn't for discussing modeling, etc., it's just about getting all the Frisco you can get. :p

    I've also posted a roster of my N Scale Frisco items here. Take a look and we'll see if there is any horse-trading to be had,

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    The Atlas GP38-2s (first version, covers 663 on up) should be coming out now, and IIRC the Trainman GP15-1 has been announced with Frisco colors, but unfortunately with the inertial air filters (Frisco and CNW's units were built with louvers in the long hood in lieu of the blower duct).

    The former is good, the latter- eehhnn.................it's the Trainman line, so it may be a Master Series model before we see a proper GP15. I know Walthers is coming out with a Proto2000 in HO (which doesn't hurt my feelings, as I have beaucoup HO diesels & cars) which will be proper for the corresponding RR.|-|

    I wouldn't mind having one- the very first cab ride I ever had was on SLSF GP15-1 100, on the night Ft. Smith Switcher back in early 1980. We serviced industries both on the north & south sides of town.
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    Intermountain is taking reservations for the PS 5277 CF exterior post boxcar in 6 additional road numbers in both N and HO scale. Delivery is scheduled for Jun/July 2008 with an SRP of $19.95 and $31.95 respectively. That will now make a total of 18 road numbers in each.

    Bob Hoover
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    Has anyone heard any rumors about Intermountains' N scale FP-7's in Frisco or Katy schemes?


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