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Discussion in '4-8-2 Mountain' started by frisco1522, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I recently installed a Soundtraxx Tsunami Large Steam decoder in my 1522 since it contains actual 1522 sounds. The guy from Soundtraxx made a bunch of recordings of us in N. St. Louis prior to one of our trips. It has actual dynamo, snifter valves, exhaust, bell, whistle and other sounds on the chip.
    I laid some 1x4s and some flex track down to use as a test track on some benchwork and made this video just for grins.

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  2. w3hodoug (Doug Hughes RIP 03/24/2021)

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    Don, it sounds great. I'll try to tape and post the BLI 4100. It also sounds great. Doug
  3. yardmaster

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    Now THAT'S a rush! I'm remembering now why I'm so enamored by the age o' steam.

    My active layout interregnum has spanned the time when onboard sound has really come into its own. Seeing this, I can't imagine it any other way.

    Many thanks for sharing, Don. I look forward to more!
  4. Ozarktraveler

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    You can claim some serious braggin' rights. :) Lot's of folks can have sound cards in their engines but to have the connection that this does...

    (in my best comic relief sidekick Benjamin voice from the movie Short Circuit, "you are taking da cake")

    Love it...
  5. bob_wintle

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    Now that was absolutely cool. Please no one tell Rick I said that though.
  6. DanHyde

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    Outstanding Don!! Now all you need is the miniature video cam for onboard " from the cab" shots! My wife said next year for our outdoor g scale line! Oh, well, one thing at a time!
  7. Iantha_Branch

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    Very nice! I like the custom paint on that loco.

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