USRA 40-ft Single Sheath Boxcar (Rapido)

Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by rjthomas909, Jun 14, 2021.

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    Looks to be a much easier job than building Westerfield kits! You could probably order the decal set from Westerfield.
  3. geep07

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    Tichy Train Group has the same/similar car for $16.50 for a kit.
    Compared to $50 for a RTR.
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  4. meteor910

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    If this is a boxcar intended to be a USRA single sheathed car, which it looks like, the Frisco didn't have any. During this era, the SLSF preferred the USRA double sheathed boxcar. Indeed, the Frisco had as many double sheathed USRA boxcars as did any other railroad, if not more.
    However, the Frisco later did have a number of single sheathed box cars that resembled the Rapido car - which looks pretty good to my eye.
    So, take your pick.
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    Accurail has their 7100 series (7108) 6 panel single sheath wood box car steel doors & ends.
    7200 series (7203) 6 panel single sheath wood box car wood doors & steel ends.
    Painted and lettered in Frisco. However, the both series models had ladders instead of grabs.
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  6. yardmaster

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    Not unlike the Tichy kit, the USRA SS are - for many - a “close enough” facsimile for the Frisco’s Howe Truss boxcars. However, unless Rapido offers Murphy 7/7 ends or Dreadnaught ends, it’s a harder “sell” in my opinion. Other’s mileage may vary.

    That said, it is a nice looking kit.
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    Good call. I do have the the Sunshine resin kit. I will build that and provide a comparison among the models that might be good stand-ins. ( I also have an example of the Tichy kit. and the various Accurails).

    -Bob T.
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