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Discussion in 'American Locomotive Company (ALCo)' started by Rancho Bob, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Rancho Bob

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    Alrighty then.... with the upcoming availability of the S-4, is anyone going to be brave enough to strip the factory paint from a random model and take a crack at SLSF 298, or better yet, NEO 706?

    Actually, I'd like an NEO engine for my pike.

    By the way, does ANYONE know where I can view a decent color photo of this engine in NEO paint? :confused:

    RBob (Buck Dean)
  2. Karl

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  3. frisco1522

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    Here you go , courtesy of Jeff Cooney, who shot the slide.

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  4. yardmaster

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    I actually would enjoy seeing someone model one of these. I personally will respectfully decline to do so, but I'd enjoy seeing a model nonetheless.

    Doesn't Frisco in Color have a photo of one of these in original paint but relettered for SL-SF working in a location outside of it's original home iron?

    Best Regards,
  5. Coonskin

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    Yes. Pages 32 - 33

  6. Rancho Bob

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    Wow...this is great. Thanks, and a tip of the hat to everyone. Although this is a fairly decent slide, does anyone want to further a guess as to actual colors? They look "tuscan-ish" red and light tan to me.

  7. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Maybe more of an E-L or Lackawanna "Burgandy" than Tuscan?? PRR Tuscan has more brown, E-L more red, but that's my humble opinion, just "eyeballing."

  8. meteor910

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    Don's posted pic from Jeff is of NEO 705, which was an Alco S-2, not an S-4. NEO/SLSF only had one S-4, which was NEO 706, later SLSF 298. NEO 705, the S-2 unit in the pic, became SLSF 297.

    The NEO paint job for their one S-4, NEO 706/SLSF 298, looked just like the S-2 in Jeff's pic, except that it did not carry the "Ore Line" motto at the top of the hood.

    The Alco S-2 and the Alco S-4 were nearly identical, except that the S-2 had Blunt trucks (as in the pic) while the S-4 had AAR-Type A trucks.


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