Unidentified Kansas City Area Grain Elevator c. 1940s

Discussion in 'Kansas City Subdivision' started by yardmaster, Feb 16, 2012.

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  2. Rick McClellan

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    My guess is Cereal Food Processors just north of the MKT but would need to consult some of my photos.
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    Oh No! Chris, do you realize what you just did? I can almost bet dinner from Lydia's that a good friend and great modeler of the KC area will be heading to KC soon from down south of there and research and build a model of this if it still existed in 1980. He may indeed be on the way as I post this!
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    I can't help you much, but this particular photo is in a book I have called A Portrait of Missouri 1935-1943, published by University of Missouri Press in 2002. It is a collection of photographs taken by the Farm Security Administration during the depression and the beginning of WW2 across the state. The photo in question is shown on page 130 and lists the photographer as Arthur Rothstein and taken in November 0f 1939.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Rick and Brad. And Bob, you may want to tell your "friend" to fill up the car now before gas prices go up further, lest he have to resort for peanut butter for a month for sustenance.

    Brad, I'm going to have to see if the Columbia Public Library has this book. If it's a UM Press item, chances are pretty good that it'll be there or at Ellis Library.

    I have always liked the type of open windows such as what's evident above the silos, and hope to recreate it as appropriate on some of our West Bottoms buildings.

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