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    I've seen a fair amount of info on various cars modified for company service, but for someone wishing to model a cut of these types of cars on a siding, what would be a typical lashup of cars needed for a track gang, bridge gang, etc. How many of each type and would there have been an order in which they were couled up?

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    If we use the example of the steel gang or a tie gang, the consist will include bunk cars (ex-Pullman 12-1 or Tourist cars) in sufficient numbers to house house the gang, a kitchen-diner, an office car, tool cars (to house all tools and supplies required by the gang), a water car (tank on a flat or a tender body on a flat car), and flat cars to handle on-track machines(tie cranes, power adzes, tampers, liners, etc).

    The former Kansas City -Florida Special diner-lounge, the Kansas City, was used as the kitchen diner on the tie gang was spotted on the house track at Lenexa, KS

    The ties gang's water car at Lenexa, KS was spotted next to the kitchen-diner. I am not sure if the car contained potable water.

    As more passenger equipment became available due to declining passenger volumes, it was placed into company service. This is the former 12-1 Pullman, Buxar, in service as a bunk-office car. Rosedale, KS. It was assigned to the Mechanized Gang, which was working on the yard and RIP Shed at Rosedale, KS, 1954.

    Older bunk cars were built from boxcars. In this cut of cars, there is a water car (old tender body), bunk cars, and tool car. This is Rosedale, KS, 1954 during the yard and Rip Shed construction.
  3. I love that scene in front of the silos - screen door hanging off the hinge is typical! I've seen that.
    Got started on a similar "background consist" recently - mine is three rail and has to be rough and tough for the grandsons..... I'm pretty sure the MTH derrick will end up with something weird hanging on the hook. Found a tender (a bit big) for it - does it need an oil tank installed on there or leave the coal pile? With gray / silver paint scheme and some decals it should do the job. Not near done - but at least underway......
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    Looks fantastic Steve!!!

    I have a couple of cranes and boom cabooses, they are in my top 10 favorite cars. Also have a MOW gondola, that pretty much all of my maintenance equipment. Would like to repaint two passenger cars, two or three flatcars and another gondola to complete my work train.

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    Karl, excellent synopsis with excellent visuals.
    I’m realizing that I have several “legacy” freight cars that I’ve not discarded that are begging to be converted to company service.

    In the FMIG Newletter archives, Dan Overbey provided a rundown of a couple of work trains in Sikeston, MO in the late 70s, along with some rough profile sketches of window placing on some of the tool and bunk cars. Newsletter #11.

    Beat Regards,
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