The FRISCO and Politics...sort of

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    For your consideration. In 1976, the Kansas City RR Museum loaned , to NBC TV, Frisco #3 and KCS Hospitality for them to use as "HQ" during the Republican National Convention at Kemper Arena.

    Herewith are photo pdf's of those cars taken by my friend, Tony Fey, 36 years ago.

    The "drumhead" on the back of Frisco #3 was the then current NBC logo on plexiglass in their colors. Bill Keene and I built this in my garage and gave it to them when the convention was over.

    Enjoy!!! :)|-|

    Buck Dean
    aka Rancho Bob.
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    Neat photos! KCS "Hospitality is foxy! Frisco car too, NBC logo doesn't add much though...


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