Summary of Frisco Traffic - 1976

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    This PDF is a snippet from an Interstate Commerce Commission report published in 1979 after the ICC approved the Burlington Northern-Frisco merger.

    It contains some valuable data on Frisco's largest interchange partners, traffic flows and run-through operations.

    Some takeaways:
    • The decline of the St. Louis gateway is evident. Frisco interchanged more cars at Kansas City (179,578) and Birmingham (172,809) than at St. Louis (133,556).
    • Frisco's largest interchange partners are Seaboard Coast Line at Birmingham (128,109), Union Pacific at Kansas City (77,261), Southern at Memphis (46,329) and Penn Central at St. Louis (41,282).
    • Not shown on these tables is Santa Fe at Avard with 53,056 carloads.
    • Frisco's eventual merger partner interchanged a total of 53,563 cars with the Frisco, but this total was split amongst three gateways (St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas-Fort Worth). Granted, the Fort Worth & Denver was the main recipient of Frisco traffic at Dallas-Forth Worth with 13,858 cars.
    • However, the majority of Frisco traffic to Houston was handed over to Southern Pacific-Cotton Belt at Sherman, with the two railroads exchanging a total of 18,537 cars.

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