Summary of Frisco Traffic, 1976

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    This PDF is a snippet from an Interstate Commerce Commission report published in 1979 after the ICC approved the Burlington Northern-Frisco merger. It contains some valuable data on Frisco's largest interchange partners, traffic flows and run-through operations.

    Some takeaways:
    • The decline of the St. Louis gateway is evident. Frisco interchanged more cars at Kansas City (179,578) and Birmingham (172,809) than at St. Louis (133,556).
    • Frisco's largest interchange partners are Seaboard Coast Line at Birmingham (128,109), Union Pacific at Kansas City (77,261), Southern at Memphis (46,329) and Penn Central at St. Louis (41,282). Not shown on these tables is Santa Fe at Avard with 53,056 carloads. Frisco's eventual merger partner interchanged a total of 53,563 cars with the Frisco, but this total was split amongst three gateways (St. Louis, Kansas City and Dallas-Fort Worth). Granted, the Fort Worth & Denver was the main recipient of Frisco traffic at Dallas-Forth Worth with 13,858 cars; however, the majority of Frisco traffic to Houston was handed over to Southern Pacific-Cotton Belt at Sherman, with the two railroads exchanging a total of 18,537 cars.

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