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Discussion in 'Freight Equipment' started by Boomer John, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Boomer John

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    It looks like I will be modeling in the steam-diesel transition period, say 1950-52. Has anyone noticed finding plain old red boxcars for this era is getting harder? Seems odd now that we have all kinds of choices we never had for affordable,good running steam engines. But maybe this is just my imagination or I'm not looking in the right places|-|.

  2. gna

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    Where are you looking? What's your budget? And how picky are you? You have options in several price points. At the low end, Accurail has several boxcars that can be used and improved with a small amount of effort.

    Tichy, Red Caboose, Intermountain, and Branchline have cars that are very nice in the mid-price range.

    If you want to go all out, look into the resin car makers (Sunshine, Speedwich) for the most accurate cars.
  3. Brad Slone

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    Gary pretty much hit all the usual suspects, the only ones I could add would be Atlas with their 1932 ara boxcar, some Kadee and Proto 2000 depending on build dates.
  4. Boomer John

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    Yes, I know they are out there, but you have to hunt for them. I was talking mainly about what is showing up on my local hobby dealer's shelves. I've never seen a Sunshine or Westerfield kit. Some red boxcars, but with lettering dates of late 50's, too late for Frisco era steam.

  5. Rick McClellan

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    This is the same problem I have in backdating my layout. Fortunately, Intermountain(includes Red Caboose, Tichy) and Atlas are making cars although I wish they would pick up the pace. While these cars are a little pricey, they are quite accurate from what I can tell. My budget has been taxed to the max but I have been able keep up with the ones I wanted from the cars released so far.

    It is actually a relief when I see a car (like the CGW Intermountain Boxes) that is dated LATER than my 12-50 cutoff for my early era. It is a little hard putting the box back on the shelf but at least I don't take it to the check out clerk.
  6. calflash

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    I know this is an old thread but though I'd re-open it to see what's developed. Previous posts pretty much cover the field esp for HO unless one is willing to build and/or paint his own. In that vein, I intend to offer a few decals to make this possible. I already have a QA&P set and will be adding one for a Frisco USRA rebuild from a DS car like the model I built years ago. See:
    Is there any interest and what else is needed? (transition era freight cars only at this time)

    Jerry Glow
  7. mark

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    Here are a few additions that would be appropriate for your roster:

    B & O M53 Wagontop 40' Boxcar
    - Expected June 2011
    Fox Valley Models

    MILW Rib Side Boxcars

    Rib Side Models
    Feature - 40' (both single and double door, long and short rib cars, multiple phases) and 50' Boxcars (both single and double door, short rib cars)

    NYC 40' Riveted Steel Side Boxcar
    Broadway Limited Imports

    PRR X31 and X32 Series Boxcars

    Bowser Trains
    Feature - 40' (both single and double door, and X31F single door turtle roof) and 50' Boxcars (both single and double door)
    The line also includes hoppers and flat cars appropriate for "the standard railroad of the world" (PRR) and other eastern road prototype hoppers.

    As mentioned above there are also the Intermountain / Red Caboose / Tichy Boxcars
    > 1937 AAR 40' Boxcar,
    > Pennsylvania X-29 Class 40' Boxcar,
    > GN Built 12 Panel 40' Plywood side Boxcar,
    > Milw Short Rib 40' Boxcar
    > War Emergency 40' Boxcar,
    Please see

    They also have era appropriate USRA Drop Bottom Composite 40' gondolas, Caswell 40' gondolas, ATSF stock cars, 40' refrigerators, tank cars and 40' flat cars.

    Accurail has a number of 40' single sheathed boxcars, 40' double sheathed boxcars, 40' gondolas, 34' hoppers and an new line of refrigerators.

    There are also out of production models from Train Miniature / Walthers of the X-29 boxcar, 40' single sheathed boxcar and 40' composite gondolas.

    Hope this helps.


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  8. yardmaster

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    Jerry, that's a fine looking model of one of my favorite classes of Frisco boxcars for my era. I'd be interested in decals.

    In spite of their higher cost, the detail that comes with the resin kits make modeling a branch line or lower-density line (thus requiring less rolling stock) very appealing.

    Best Regards,

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