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  1. When I first looked at these I thought my grandma and I must have stood beside each other. Then I looked closer and it’s a different train. Funny how similar. Judging by the fire hydrant. This is near the coke plant. Both 1977.

    403F204C-2B5E-47DA-B301-547F1419CC07.jpeg 7FC03042-5454-4511-B3E6-066070394B29.jpeg
  2. Springfield April 1983. Zoe McKessy photo.

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    Huh. This could make a fun "find the 10 differences between these pictures" type thing. Both pictures have a UP U30C and SD40-2 followed by a Frisco U30B. In the second picture, the Frisco unit is flipped the other direction and isn't half open. And the U30C is in a later UP paint scheme.
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    Cool photos for sure. Thanks Steve for posting.
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  5. Glad you like the pics.

    Ethan it was pretty funny when I realized it was two different trains.
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  6. Nice photos!
    Two pictures above:
    Above the second locomotive it looks like the rising Ozark monster.
    Oh, it's a tree. I saw a body, pointing arm, upper body, neck, monster's open mouth,
    nose and ears. Hmmmm, time to get some new eye glasses.
  7. Train 731, just south of Winslow Tunnel passing over a 10 MPH slow order on the way to Fort Smith on the old Central Division, 1978 era.
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  8. Frisco train number 730, running as Extra 433, holds south main line at Globe, while being run around by hot shot from Tulsa. 1978
  9. Frisco train 731 on the Springfield Sub takes siding at Verona Mo to meet east bound hot shot out of Tulsa. Train 731 will continue to Monett Mo the take the Ft Smith Sub Division on its way south to Ft Smith Arkansas. 1978

  10. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing them.
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    Yes it's nice to see these images for sure.
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    Those are terrific photos, Aubrey.
  13. Frisco Train 730 Northbound is stopped, while waiting for the draw bridge to lower and lock at the Arkansas River between Ft Smith and Van Buren. Long time engineer Don Roller poses with the F Unit 33. The date is 1974. Train 730's first stop will be at Fayette Jct, to set out cars. Per my post to Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma Railroad Facebook.
  14. FRISCO Train 730 is stopped at Avoca Ar, waiting for meet with Train 731. Engineer Earl Stipp poses for photo taken in 1977.
  15. FRISCO train 3711 is in the siding at Exeter Mo waiting on meet with northbound Train 730. Caboose 1240 has fresh paint.
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    Great photographs! Thank you for posting.

    Do you have and can you post the dates the photos were taken? I especially like the photograph of Mr. Roller and F7A SLSF 33. It really captures the typical crewman's subdued clothing colors, hat, glasses case and pens in shirt pocket. Always good to see the human side of railroading. Too often our railroad photographs focus on the equipment or scene of railroading and miss the folks that make it all happen.

    The train with U30B SLSF 845 must be running over 12 hours late if it was Train 730. With the white class lights illuminated, it has lost its schedule at this point and is now running as an extra (Extra 845 North). It would be interesting to know the details of this circumstance.

    There are also many great locomotive details in these close in shots. On F7A SLSF 33 there are the rooftop nail or "T" style radio antenna, amber warning light and handholds above the windows. Further down are windshield wipers, nose side and top grabirons (engineer's side), upper ladder rest grabiron (fireman's side), twin sealed beam headlights, two multiple unit (MU) receptacle access doors (note the receptacle on the engineer's side), class lights (not lit indicating a regular of scheduled train) and MU cross over safety chain. Still further down are are the anti-climber ribs, train line air hose, MU air line hoses, copular knuckle release bars, corner steps and associated handholds.

    A personal favorite of E, F and a very limited number of hood type units is the nose coonskin herald. This is one example of three styles and positions used on the Mandarin and orange F units. The other two types include a high mounted all orange outline and lettering herald on the white band near the top of the nose door and, a much less common third, a contrasting color split orange and white outline and lettering herald that is slightly higher than the first type, splitting the lower white band separation.

    On U30B SLSF 845 are a rooftop amber Prime Stratolite, nose mounted Pyle Gyralite, MU crossover safety chain across the drop step opening, illuminated front walkway and MU crossover drop step light and train line air hose folder up on the front rock pilot. In front of the engineer is a grab iron style step and corresponding grab iron handhold below the number board.

    A particularly interesting detail is the engineer's side mounted windscreen. It is attached in a nonstandard fashion with the rearview mirror at the top (note the large silver metal portion at the top). Typically, the rearview mirror is at the bottom of the side windscreen.

    Both units show relatively clean, but subtle road worn weathering. The F unit also shows signs of faded Mandarin orange. Note the added depth of the panel line shadows around the nose doors.

    Hope this helps.


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  17. Depending on schedule we would run as original 730 for that date, if not we would be identified as extra. All train movements were by train orders prescribed for that day with meets and locations and instructions to as to who takes the siding or clears the mainline.

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