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    USRA Box 128789 not only escaped rebuilding, but it lasted into the early 1970's in company service. The wording on the black patch says, "ASSIGNED SPRINGFIELD TERMINAL, COMPANY MATERIAL ONLY". It sat north of the diesel shop at the 19th Street Yard at least until 1974. This shot was was taken during the winter of 73-74. Even at this late date, the car retained its faded FRISCO LINES coonskin and a set of Andrews trucks. Circa 74-75 the Frisco got on a clean-up kick, and it purged its yards of many of the relics similar to the 128789. For example, many of the old 3-window cabooses were burned at the West Shops. Not doubt this car met a similar fate during this time period.

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    Doesn’t look like any N scale version is planned

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