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    First time poster but I thought this might be of interest to some of you. I had a bit of downtime at work recently and decided to run by the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma to take some photos of the rolling stock out in the yard. There was an old flatcar in the collection that didn't have any reporting marks on it. I decided to see if I could do a little bit of looking along the main frame to see if I could find any hidden markings. I found two sets of marks on the car - the first of which was SLSF 105288.

    I looked up the former reporting mark and found a mention of it in a Q and A column in a 1990 edition of Making Tracks. It appears to have been converted into a plow that was in service in the Enid area. The man that answered the questions (I cannot recall his name) in the Mail Car section of the newsletter was uncertain of the original car number. Looking on the other side of the car I found SLSF 94483 stenciled on the frame towards the former plow end of the car. This would square with the series for which plow conversion drawings were made. Here are some pics for those interested.

    I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide me with any lengths, load limits, builder, etc. of this car as well as what year it was retired from company service and the plow was removed. Thanks everyone for your help...


    plowt.jpg plowtbend.jpg plowtmid.jpg plowtplow.jpg plowtnew.jpg plowtold.jpg
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    Welcome to the Frisco website, Tom. Although I can't answer your questions, the flatcar looks like it has a long past. Good luck on your research.

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    Thanks Joe for the welcome. The car does appear to have an interesting history and it would be nice to fill in the gaps on its build and history. I have seen one small photo of it in plow service but haven't been able to find any others. Hopefully some more info will turn up on it.
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    Keith good catch! What I really find fascinating is the apparent reuse of old gondola ends. Maybe box car end panels? They were used for the deck on the car above and for the side of the plow.
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    Tom, welcome to the group. Neat find; the corrugated deck is very curious. Old boxcar ends or a roof, anyone? Either way, it'd make a swell model. I nominate Tom Holley; I think it'd look right at home on his pike.

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    The decking is definitely box car ends and I am relatively sure the side panels when used as a plow were as well.

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