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    I just put together an Athearn kit (ex-MDC) 23378 50' SPD HC Box, FRISCO # 700273.

    Questin for you folks:
    How did these cars weather? They have the light cream color with black lettering. Info on the car lists it as an XL, new 9-77. Checking your site here I see that 700273 was built in 8-77.
    Does anyone have photos of theses cars? It looks quit nice, but needs to be weathered!!
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    I have over fifteen .jpg pics of this SLSF series of cars - source and date unknown.

    None of them appear to have weathered heavily - weathering looks to be a chalky dirty gray on some, and a dirty rust color on others. The weathering gradually gets darker from the top of the car side down to the bottom of the car side, i.e, the bottom half of the car is dirtier than the top half, the worst being at the level of the side sill. Also, the weathering is significantly heavier on and around the bottom half of the door than it is toward either end of the car.

    Several of the cars have significant graffiti on the lower sides as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Ken |-|
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