SL-SF 152,000-series 50' Auto Cars

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    Hi folks,
    As introduction, I'm Bob Lucas and new to the SL-SF group. I'm Publications Editor for the AC&Y Historical Society (and Frisco fan) and also author of the recent Morning Sun book covering the AC&Y-A&BB. I'm seeking information on the SL-SF 152,000 series auto cars built in June 1930 by General American for a comprehensive historical article on these interesting freight cars. Fast forward to 1959... two-hundred ex-Frisco auto cars were reconditioned and leased by the AC&Y for tire and wheel rim traffic. I did locate general arrangement diagrams/specifications for three sub-groups, two of which appear to have been modified at some date with Evans Auto Loaders. I would be most appreciative for any additional information and/or photos of these cars.

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    I have a copy of a Joe Collias photo of SLSF #152805.
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    Keith, Thanks for your response. If possible, a good scan of SLSF #152805 would be appreciated for the article. My email address is:

    Bob Lucas
    Kingwood, Texas
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    Looking though Richard Napper's scan of the Museum's Frisco Freight Car Lettering and Paint Diagram Index - 1917-1975, note the SL-SF 152,600-152,899 series 50' wood sheathed autocars do not appear. Am wondering if these cars were renumbered at some point in the late 1940's or early 1950's? Any insights appreciated. Bob
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