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    I am hoping that some of you have Sanborn or evaluation maps for the following locations and could point me to the thread in which they exist, or could attach them here in this thread.

    My track laying will come to a halt until I can dig up some visual info on the following:

    St. Paul Branch:

    Pettigrew, Arkansas. Any RR era, but early 1900's would be best. (The track chart I have access to is truncated in the middle of Pettigrew.)

    Combs, Arkansas, AND the Black Mountain & Eastern/Combs Cass & Eastern.

    I would love for Pettigrew and Combs (and the connecting railroad BM&E/CC&E) to be as accurate as practical. Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Moderator - I may have posted this to the wrong forum. Would I have been better to have placed this in the Fort Smith Subdivision category?

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    As you can see, I have moved the thread to the right location.

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