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  1. I have not posted anything lately because I have been working on a large scale project and it is the time consumer. But while digging around my dad's basement a few nights ago I stumbled on to this Atlas yellow box. I had painted and decaled it almost 20 years ago. I had never put the couplers back on it and it got stuck in a box and forgotten. Like coming out of King Tuts tomb here is 104. I don't really like the airbrushed dust and too much chalk but since it is a time capsule I am not doing any corrections. Everyone go check your basement shelves for forgotten boxes! Enjoy, Steve
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    Steve, once again, phenomenal modeling and weathering. Wish you lived here in the KC metro...
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    104 looks great, but I am drooling for 808 U 25 B.
    What can you tell us about it!

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    Ditto the 808! My fave 2nd generation diesel. Actually the hi-noses are my favorites, but as long as they're black and yellow I'm happy.

    Tom G.
  5. Thanks guys.
    I appreciate it Keith. Heck of a compliment. I wish I did too so you could do my electronic work!!!
    Thanks John. I will add some pics of 808 soon. It needs a little touch up. I broke the ladder off. It was an Undecorated unit I got from Ken. The U25b s are by far my favorite Diesel ever. Even if engineers hated them. Ha.
    Thanks Tom. The hi hoods are my face as well. I will take some pics off all my U25s sometime. I want to have one if every road number someday.
    Thanks for checking this one out. My grandpa was assigned to it a while when it was in Newburg when he was in the yard not on the road (rails).
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    I'm a U-boat fan as well - that's why I had a bunch of them. I have one left - Atlas SLSF 853, U30b. (Plus son Kurt has my old Athearn SLSF 835, U30b, over in Olathe. He has a collection of Frisco and Santa Fe power but no layout).
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    I wish that I could find boxes with things like 104 in them - Heck .. I cannot even find boxes!
    Just simply outstanding work, Steve!
  8. Thanks Sherrel! I appreciate it. Trust me most boxes at our houses don't get opened simply because I know its all junk. HA

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