Rogers: Late 1800's.

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    Hello all:

    My virtual rails are ready to be laid in Rogers, circa late 1880's.

    I have a track chart that dates around 1960. I intended to use that as a basis for laying rail, lopping off the obvious later-era industries... and hope it was "good enough".

    However, given the knowledge base found here at, I thought I would at least make an attempt to see if any data exists for the track arrangement at Rogers in the late 1880's or 1890's.

    Sanborn maps would be a big help. Shucks... ANYTHING would help. I'm not overly familar with Rogers pre-A&M... so pretty much any tidbit you can throw my way would be much appreciated.

    I read with interest the comments made concerning Rogers in the late 1880's in my "Chester" thread here. If someone can help me to pin down where the rails/structures/features were concering the Rogers information in that thread, at least that would help. I have a survey marker of the grid of the streets in downtown Rogers... so if one can pinpoint the intersection or other notable street/etc where a Frisco feature was located, I may be able to locate said feature on my virtual version of the St.L&SF, circa late 1880's.


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