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Discussion in 'Car Repair Shops' started by bob_wintle, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. bob_wintle

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    Does anyone have any photos of Rip sheds? I am looking for a good example of a small shed. Not really interested in a large terminal type. If you do please post them and I will be Eternally grateful.
    Bob Wintle
  2. Sirfoldalot

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    Bob --- What a shame. In the late 60's I lived at Lake Quivera, KS, and would drive by the rip track and buildings that were next to the UP line along the KAW River on my way to the Downtown Airport. I used to see them burning the older cars - quite a fire when you get 10-15 cars going all at the same time. Out of hundreds of times that I passed by the facility - I never made a single photo of any of it.
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  4. HWB

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    here is the RIP shed in Mobile. It's still standing. See my album Frisco in Mobile for pics. Be happy to take more if needed



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