Question on troop sleeper/kitchen cars used on the Frisco

Discussion in 'Maintenance of Way' started by gjslsffan, May 5, 2015.

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    Did the Frisco use the Troop sleepers or Kitchen cars in M of W service? A quick search of the forums shows a few photos with all the windows plated, and in express service or similar. I have a couple craftsman kit troop cars that need a place to live on my MRR.
    Or did Frisco use Passenger cars for M of W service, as far a bunk, kitchen, tool cars and the like.
    Thanks for any info.
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    When I stayed in the cars they were the passenger heavy weights. The tie gang had two, like chair cars, one kitchen and then one must have been a sleeper, because of the windows. I would venture, that they was used way back as these had oil caboose type stoves for heat. The showers were gravity flow. Only the best for our working men.
    The bunks were double. No lights, you had to use a flashlight.
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    In addition to Karl's photo of one of these cars in MoW silver, I think that Mike Condren's site might have one or two of them with MoW numbers but in Pullman green with gold lettering. I'll have to double-check.

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