"Q&A Covering Inspection and Testing Locomotives and Tenders" (1936)

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    Folks -
    Here's a real dandy that I've been meaning to scan for some time. Someone in or around Chaffee gave it to my father to give to me.

    This booklet was signed on the inside cover by "[Illegible] Lewallen - April 30th 1936." Maybe Tim or Karl or other Chaffeeites can clarify, but I think there were some Lewallens in Chaffee?

    At any rate, it includes details covering some 592 topics, including everything from:
    • what must be done when flues are removed,
    • how often it's necessary to inspect draw bars and pins,
    • Use of wheel defect gauges,
    • Dimensions of foot boards, and
    • minimum thickness of driving and trailer tires at last turning.
    This last item is interesting, as the table that follows it includes a lot of older Frisco steam power, such as the 2-10-2 fleet and a goodly number of 300-series Moguls. The date written in the book seems to jive with the table of Moguls that Karl Brand previously provided.


    It should make for some good reading.

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    Chris, absolutely fascinating!

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