Percent of Fleet Home Road?

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    I remember that article too. I believe the contract was to move bandages to another J&J facility in New Jersey. Due to the bulkiness of the product the only cost effective way to move the product that far was to use those gigantic auto parts cars. I bet they were full to the very top.

    Wonder how long that contract lasted?
  2. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    In the September 1974 All Aboard, page 8 is the article we were thinking about Karl. It is titled "Team Work & Tonnage." Per the article there were two movements: one between Sherman, TX and Argonne, IL (SLSF-ATSF); the other between Sherman and New Brunswick, NJ (SLSF-PC). Eighteen 86' High cube cars were cleaned and relined with new plywood and specially painted for the movement of bandages, cotton balls and medical supplies for Johnson & Johnson. This traffic formerly moved in J&J's own trucks.

    This is great information for waybilling those auto parts box cars.

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