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    My Pacific #1057 is very slowly but surely making progress.

    I have included photos of the work on the tender's oil bunker thus far. I don't think I realized how far off of a right angle the vertical handrail supports are until I looked at the photos.

    The handrails are made from .015 piano wire soldered. Construction itself went well, but I drilled the holes for it based on measurements. These were barely off, which cas caused them to bend out. Since then, I went ahead and set the vertical stanchions in place at 3' 6" height (thanks Brad Slone for the height), adjusted until they were vertical and soldered back into place. Much better!

    I used a standard hole punch to make a .005 thick inspection cover, and used a filed off needing in a pin vise to emboss rivets on it. For the oil filler hatch, I hole punched some .010 thick styrene and glued it on top of a sanded-down, 1:87 trash can lid.

    I made new sideboards out of .010 styrene with a .005 overlay; rivets embossed with a pounce wheel.

    Still need to finish the toolbox, rear tender ladder, back-up light and putty the tender and it'll be pretty well done; I already have the steam, air and signal hoses for the backside. I'd like to add brake detail underneath but maybe down the road. I want to try to keep it as simple as possible.

    I've also included pictures of the boiler, thus far stripped down and puttied. The sand dome is the post-1943 modernization type, so there's less cutting to do for it to fit my era. Still a long way to go on it.

    I welcome brutally honest feedback. I'm reasonably satisfied for my first steam "Friscoizing" project but I welcome any constructive criticism!

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    A few questions that have arisen while working to finish up my tender for a 1050-class:

    (1) For the safety chains that connected the trucks to the tender frame: where on the trucks do the chains connect?

    (2) Approximately what diameter is the back-up light? I want to get some plastic tubing and appropriate-sized MV lens to fashion one.

    (3) Still looking for a reasonable tender ladder. Tried to fashion the sides from .010 styrene but it just doesn’t look crisp. I might try bending brass wire to the right contours and then hammer the sides flat and solder the rungs. This is for down the road; seems to make sense to paint and add the number decals first. If anyone has a better way, I’m game.

    Feel free to post your reply, e-mail or send a PM.

    I have resoldered the handrails after noticing in the above photos that they were not exactly close to 90-degrees!
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    Pacific #1057 (Update 4-13-06)

    The tender is just about near completion (finally!).

    Karl Brand helped out with a good photo of safety chains and attaching devices. I've fashioned some rings with #70 drill and .010 styrene and CA'ed to the tender sides.

    Came up with a "good enough" solution for the backup light. I took a spare Kadee #5 draft gear box and chiseled off the side "loop." I've glued a spare Athearn SW1500 headlight lens in place but think an appropriately-sized MV lens will look much better.

    I might resort to trying to hammer brass wire flat and soldering rungs for the ladder.

    More pictures to follow.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Any updates to this locomotive build?
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    Not enought worth photographing at this time. :)

    I think this really started to stagnate with the advent of school-age children, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I have replaced the pilot and smokebox front. I have pieces for the cab rebuild and air reservoirs sitting in the project box, safely stowed away in one of the many still-packed boxes in the workshop.

    Thanks for asking; perhaps that will provide some motivation.

    Best Regards,

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    Hey Chris,

    I'm really easy to please picture wise. The replacement of the pilot and smoke box front would nice. Puh-lease????


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