OKC East Yard May 1957

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    View attachment EAST YARD MAY 1957.pdf

    More Frisco photos. New 35 mm camera and still had trouble with full frame photos. Views of the Frisco East Yard in Oklahoma City.

    Another look at what was -

    John Moore
  2. Bruce Adams

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    Thanks for sharing these! They're great.
    - Bruce
  3. Coonskin

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    John, another great set of photos! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to put this up.

    FWIW: A few years ago I was loaned-out several times to the OKC area and worked East Yard (then/now operated by Watco). It is so cool to be able to see what it USED to look like when it was the Frisco. I can recognize elements that remained during those loan-out times, but had no idea just how much had been lost. Wish I could have seen your set of pictures prior to spending time there for Watco. It would have been cool to try to place the elements.

    Thanks again. I hope you have a TON of stuff to post!

    Andre Ming
  4. friscomike

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    Terrific John! Thank you very much. ~mike
  5. frisco1522

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    Great shots! Lot of steam stuff still left in 1957. Everything is too sterile now, nothing left. Thanks for posting.
  6. Brad Slone

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    Great set of photo's thanks for taking the time to post them.


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