Northern Division ETT 3, January 1, 1975

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    Northern Division ETT 3, January 1, 1975 from the Richard E Napper Memorial Collection

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    Interestingly, there is a restriction on engine consists in this timetable that states from Leeds to Willard ( the Clinton sub ) only GP7s are allowed.

    This also appears in timetable 3A.

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    Generally the bridges are the restriction, sometimes to upgrade a bridge only reqiuires minor repairs. Like during the late 70's we filled a bunch of bridges from Miami, Ok to Ft Scott to upgrade the line for heavier tonnages. I ran the Dozer on that project. When these lines were built they used a 100 year flood plain map for the bridges, which became obsolete when the river management came into effect in the late 60's.
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    For the Clinton sub, timetable 3A would have been shortly before the trestle on the north end of Blairstown burned. ( if I remember right, that was in the summer of 1976 ). The trestle was never rebuilt.

    As for why the notation is interesting, in the 1960s, trains 58 and 59 ( at least ) had VO1000s assigned to them. Timetable 3 shows both the remaining ( repowered ) VO1000s and the GP7s with a bridge class of 39.5. Everything else ( except the Blakeley Island switcher (11) ) had a higher bridge class.

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