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  1. Just got the new MTL two bay hopper. The model has AAR designation of FM, which makes no sense. I checked in the "Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment" and on page 94 there is a photo of 90941 (model is 90950 thus from the same series) the AAR designation does look like FM, but the caption says HM. Under a magnifying glass it looks like the "F" is really an "H" with the right leg worn off. I am guessing that MTL misread the AAR designation. Anyone know for sure?
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    Larry -

    Yes, these cars were Class "HM", hopper cars; defined as "Open top, self clearing car, having fixed side walls and ends and bottom consisting of two divided hoppers with doors hinged crosswise of car and dumping between rails". i.e..... These cars were two-bay open top hopper cars, which the Frisco had many of.

    Class "FM" is defined as an "Ordinary flat car for general service, with flooring laid over sills and without sides or ends". Clearly, you are correct on the MTL error made on the car designation!

    My July, 1979 "Official Railway Equipment Register" shows Frisco's HM's were SLSF 90028-90497, SLSF 90506-90768, and SLSF 90808-92897 still active. The MTL model is of a car in the last group.


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