MOLOCO new FGE cars for the Frisco modeler!

Discussion in 'New Products' started by nickmolo, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Moloco has released a new set of very common FGE RBLs that were specifically used on Frisco rails.

    PC cars, were in nationwide pool service for Campbells Soup
    L&N cars were in nationwide pool service for General Foods
    Southern cars were in Miller Beer service from Milwaukee, as well Pabst Beer from GA, IL and WI.
    We also have painted and assembled undecorated cars for the modeler to roll their own using ICG decals.

    Also remember our Santa Fe RBLs as well, ATSF was a run-through train partner, so a lot of ATSF cars ran on the Frisco as well. There are only a few left of these fantastic cars.

    See the links below!

    I look forward to your orders to fill out your Frisco trains, to be correct to prototype.


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