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  1. HWB

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    Does anyone have a photo of a Frisco locomotive in a consist with another road? I don't mean the geen monster but a road such as Santa Fe, UP, L&N, MP or others they crossed paths with?

    Speaking of MoPac does anyone have a photo of a train crossing the Arkansas river bridge in Tulsa?
  2. Karl

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    NWF at Dix, MO

    NWF at Dix, MO, July 1975

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    I used to have a photo of a FRISCO SD45 in a UP consist out in the Arizona Nevada, or California Desert Not sure which state it was but it was baron land thats for sure, pulling a loaded AUto Train but I am not exactly certain whatever became of it. When I got divorced alot of my stuff went into the garbage unbeknownst to me until way later when it was too late to retrieve it. Beins that SL-SF stood for St. Louis San Francisco, I would like to see a picture of a FRISCO engine in San Francisco so we can say it actually made it to it's destination of its namesake.
  4. HWB

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    In this age of mixed consist it wouldn't be a stretch but back then engines didn't stray far from home rails. That's why I can't find a photo of a Santa Fe and Frisco engine together and they crossed paths everywhere
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    I would love to see those slides. This is my area of interest. I'm from Tulsa and like you remember mostly all ATSF consist at Cherokee and then they would slip away in the middle of the night. I was to young to venture further than the yard.
    I suspected the Avard line would be the best place to see mixed consist with the ATSF.
    Thanks for the information. You have validated my theory and can continue to run mixed consist on my Avard line
    I have the ability to scan slides if you would like to contact me.
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    I saw this thread come up in the random pictures after clicking "All Aboard." The two attached shots are part of a whole series of slides shot in December 1977. Frisco 682, 644 and 655 were leading UP units on an e/b UP coal train. This was an unusual movement on this line at the time. It apparently "died on the law," probably due to the snow, and stopped at Windsor Springs just west of Geyer Road. Soon, switcher 323 with caboose 1420 came by. I think it had the relief crew. The caboose hop went on to Valley Park, for I did not see it any more.

    The coal train started east, but before it could cross Big Bend Road, a westbound merchandiser came along with 725 leading a "torpedo-boat" GP-35 and a GE (number unknown). The power met on the crossing!

    I cannot remember whether I was messing with a polarizer, but the pictures were dark when I scanned them. Here's hoping you find the bold blue sufficiently dramatic and atmospheric to make up for the lack of detail.

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  7. meteor910

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    George -

    Cool pics in more ways than one!

    The sound had to be good - all those units starting up an eb coal train in the cold, while at the same time a wb comes by still working their train on the hill. Would have been a good time to be waiting at Geyer & Big Bend!

    December, 1977 - I remember the weather that month. That's the month we moved back to StL from Cincinnati. It was like a forced march in the snow!

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    I know of a video on youtube (let me find it) of a Seaboard train with a Frisco B unit in it. I've heard of the F9's and U25B high hoods on Cajuon pass. Also at the Frisco convention I saw photo's of a Frisco GP paired with a KCS GP30. I think it was in Joplin, maybe CJ, Can't remember.



    On the second video I threw it in because it had some cool stuff. B&Y GP35. Seboard train, F's GP7's and more

    Edit: I have also seen a picture of a Frisco U25B O&W HH in New York with CR and PC U boats

    Here's the picture

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  9. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    Weren't the 8 SD40-2's purchased expressly for coal trian run throughs? Whether that actually happened or not is probably in question.
  10. Iantha_Branch

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    I'm not sure. I remembered a photo on here some were of 2 SD40-2's practically fresh from the factory pulling a mixed freight in OK.

    Here we go

  11. meteor910

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    Yes they were - at least that was the party line - and no they didn't. They spent most of their Frisco life in general freight service, and performed very well.

    The EMD "toosh-dah" (SD40-2) was/is a great freight locomotive.

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  12. Iantha_Branch

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    I found a photo according from the file name June 4, 1978. It's a KCS white ghost GP30 with an O&W GP7 in Joplin.

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  13. HWB

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    Thats a great shot. It's the only one I've ever seen with Santa Fe and Frisco six axle power together. What I really like about this photo is it's on the Avard Sub and a the unique feature is that the Santa Fe unit is in the lead. I would like to know thestory of how that came to be.

    Thanks for posting. I really appreciate that
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    I posted a few in an album called "Photos from 1969-70" which you can find in the library under Action Photos.


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