Memorial Service for Richard Napper

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    As those who know him already know, Richard Napper died on March 11. There was a very informal gathering at the funeral home the week following, but no actual memorial service as such. I have wanted to do better for him and have been talking to several people in the Topeka area towards that end, while trying to make a time amenable to relatives of his in MN. A hospitalization has now ended the possibility of that family involvement. Therefore, a Memorial Service to give thanks to God for Richard's life and to give others a chance to share stories and memories of Richard is scheduled for Monday, July 22nd, at the Crestview United Methodist Church, 2245 SW Eveningside Drive, Topeka, KS, at 7 p.m. I will be officiating. If you wish to attend, I invite you to bring any pictures or mementoes that you might have re: Richard. If you cannot attend, and have a story or tribute to share, please e-mail it/them to me at This is something I can facilitate to honor a good friend. Everyone deserves to have a little fuss made over them at death. Richard especially deserves such a "fuss." His passing has left a large hole in our Frisco community and in the lives of his friends.

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