Mansfield Branch - Arthur District Timetable 1898

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  1. From Arkansas Boston Mountains Chapter NRHS and permission is granted to post into appropriate forums *.

    While there is a smaller version within the System Wide timetables,
    posting this Arthur District Timetable here allows it to be found directly under Central Division.

    Compiled by Mike Sypult and his co - authors & editors John Dill & Tom Duggan, ( updated March 2018, Mike has given me permission to post Mansfield Branch information,
    from ABM-NRHS March, April & May 2018 monthly publication into the appropriate forum to be viewed and be saved. Such formation will have an asterisk * by it.
    Mike is the manager, author and editor for the Arkansas Boston Mountains Chapter NRHS
    monthly publications.

    * The branch completed between Jenson and Mansfield was originally 18.4 miles.
    The Little Rock and Texas branch as built was an 18.428- mile standard gauge railroad
    that ran from Jenson, AR to Mansfield, AR. As a result of elimination a portion of
    the Hackett City branch, the line was reduced by 0.528 miles very early in its existence
    and was listed as 17.9 miles in length for decades.

    * April 24, 1898 Frisco Employee Timetable #7 for the Mansfield Branch, Parke Spur served no obvious commercial purpose and must have been associated with construction or maintenance of the Branch.
    It was located in a narrow valley on James Fork Creek. Red Rock and Prairie Creek Spurs
    both served early mines. The Prairie Creek Spur would later include Arkoal Station, Mine 5 Spur,
    and Coronado Mine. Red Rock would be known as Burma Station, or Dallas Mines.
    The area of primary coal activity at this date is not obvious since most early mining took place
    within yard limits at Huntington. - John Dill Collection

    The coal mining was mainly done during the warmest 6 months.
    The branch was operated all year. Some passenger trains were mixed with freight.
    Throughout the decades about 6 of ~ 18 stations were manned small depots. Some of the
    smaller flag stops had box cars made into a depot.

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