List of "To Do 's": If there are meetings and other railfan 2019 activities in Fort Smith

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  1. "To Do's"
    For other reasons, earlier I had prepared this list of
    "To Do's when going to Fort Smith & Van Buren"

    List of "To Do 's":
    If there are 2019 meetings and other railfan activities in Fort Smith

    - Trolly Museum and it's rail yard includes steamer Frisco 4003 2-8-4 ,
    3 cabooses & old railroad rolling stock.

    - Trolly rides through the town.

    Visit Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Lift Bridge at the north Riverside Park.

    - Arkansas & Missouri Railroad rail yards and office in southern Fort Smith .

    - Fort Smith Pavilion
    ( near A & M RR yards, Trolly Museum, FtF Historic Site )

    - Bricktown Brewery,

    - Ft Smith's Old Town District,

    - Convention Center, special events, 12 months

    - Fort Smith Historical Site
    Site, park and cemetery.

    - Amphitheater events,

    - Greg Smith Riverside Trail & picnic park,

    - Miss Laura's Visitor Center,

    - Fort Smith Museum of History

    - City Park Downtown

    - Events

    A & M-RR Excursions:
    Four Types:

    A&M-RR train rides
    (discounts promo code)

    A & M Specials for the public
    C heck for group rates & promo codes

    3. a
    Special Excursion for private groups,
    (Call A & M for group leaders.
    Some allow
    visitors to help pay for
    their car's ride and catering.
    For other groups or open to public
    for rides not currently posted (wish list)
    Evergreen list for additional group separate car
    pulled by other's private groups' charter train.

    Trains towards Monett, normal route northbound
    & southbound

    A&M's has 2019 Special Excursions for the public.
    The 2019 schedule is evergreen.
    Check A & M - RR by phone for more info

    Enjoy your visit to Fort Smith & Van Buren.
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  2. Fort Smith Station



    The side entrance was for a separated class of people labeled as "colored". With legislated segregation between blacks and whites in public places, Fort Smith was no different than the rest of the South. In addition to being segregated, blacks were provided with inferior accommodations and fewer amenities. The reality of segregation from this period of our nation's history can be seen in the original floor plan of the building.

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    That's pretty extensive list. The FS items are all down town close together. There is also a UP railroad in VB not far from the station. It was the ex-MP yard and line. Also it is close to the bridge.
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  4. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I lived in Van Buren when I was a Roadmaster with KCS. I organized a motorcar ride from Poteau to Van Buren. I was a member of the Trolly and enjoyed it very much. Great Place to live.
    I went into the store their and a couple of policemen was in the store. I ask them "Where do you get a beer around here" They told me it was a "Dry County" I laughed, I had heard of that but thought it went out long ago. The police and me had a huge laugh. You had to be their.

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