Internally Grounded Soldering Irons

Discussion in 'DCC' started by RogerRT, Jun 25, 2019.

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    I just read where Soundtraxx sound amplifiers were being blown out by stock off-the-shelf soldering irons...Is this true??? If so will it affect non-sound Soundtraxx decoders??? What about NCE (or other) decoder manufacturers??? Roger
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    I don't believe that to be true as I have never had an issue, however, I really caution everyone to buy a high quality soldering tool that is temperature regulated and has its own internal low voltage power supply for heating the tip.

    See my thread on soldering:

    A side note; one can use one of the grounding adapters with a three prong soldering tool to allow soldering to live rails on DCC.
    Grounding adapter.jpg
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