Info Request - Sutherland Lumber, KCMO (near 19th Street Yard)

Discussion in 'Kansas City Subdivision' started by yardmaster, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Folks -
    This is the Sutherland Lumber Co. building that was just north of the 23rd Street Viaduct, adjacent to the American Royal and just west of the south throat into the 19th Street Yard and facilities.

    From looking at maps, it appears as if the ATSF would have provided switching to it?

    Also, can anyone point me in the direction of good elevation views of this building? I've searched a lot of sources and can't find anything that's terribly clear.

    Thanks, in advance!
  2. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Photo? Map? Nothing showed up in the post on my end??

  3. William Jackson

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    I remember that building. It was fairly simple.
    It only had a small building and then a large lumber stall.
    I know it was served by Frisco yard crews.
    It was BNSF at the time I was Roadmaster there.
    Bill Jackson
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    Bill, thanks for confirming that the Frisco crews did service it.

    Tom, sorry for the confusion. I don't have photos or maps per se, but could have included links to it:

    Looking N-NW from vicinity of 23rd Street toward the Frisco's 19th Street facilities after the 1951 flood; Sutherland's is in the center left:

    Aerial view; Sutherland's is the "wedge" shaped building right in the center. The oval roof of the old American Royal just above, Stockyards around 1-oh-clock position, and 19th Street Shops around 4-oh-clock:

    Sutherland's is toward the center-right in this one:

    A wider aerial, looking generally N-NW:

    On this Sanborn map, Sutherland Lumber is toward the middle bottom:

    Ultimately, on our layout, I'd like to include a "scene" where the 23rd Street Viaduct and 12th Street Viaducts separate the ends, with the AT&SF and Frisco freight houses in between. The 19th Street shops will be "over there," i.e. off of the modeled portion of the layout. Looking at the maps, I thought that Sutherland Lumber might make for a nice, adjacent industry for the switch crews.

    Best Regards,

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