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    Don't know where else to post this, so I am placing my request here. I have begun work on a book about Illinois Central passenger service and could use a few more photos to round out the coverage. If you have any color slides (can't use prints or B&W negatives) that you would like to see appear in print, and get a free copy of the book in the bargain, please send me a PM so we can discuss.


    Greg Stout
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    Why not contact the IC Historical Society. They have an awesome collection of info.
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    This underscores the fact that nothing is truly free; We owe much to supporters, volunteers and just plain hard-working people that make things like possible. The IC folks apparently have a different view of their stewardship effort. They may also have a sad history that justifies their policy.

    Practically speaking, I suppose some kind of contact with an obviously sincere mission statement may work. Speaking to Greg directly, the list of your accomplishments shows your quest is one with a serious, productive intent. It may be true that that, plus $20, will get you an hour of access, but it may yield a bit more including a contact who could be a valuable guide to the archives. Good luck.

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