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Discussion in 'General Steam' started by Bob Finan, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Bob Finan

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    St. Louis, Mo. - Date and Photographer unknown.

    If this locomotive was being moved for a run, I guarantee they had to find a substitute...... :eek:

    It's the pits, I tell 'ya!

    Thanks for looking,

    Bob Finan |-|

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  2. FRISCO4503

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    I worked for the railroad for 14 years and believe me, That dude is fired!
    OUCH! I am pretty sure somebody got a little heated over that move! Great picture though!
  3. HWB

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    yeah ...whatever the circumstance it would be hard to win that arbitration. the pictue is wortha 1000 words
  4. meteor910

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    Yep, SLSF 4304 definitely "was put into the hole" that day. :)

    Interesting, it looks like they are using SLSF 1506 to provide a bit of heft to pull 4304 out of her dilema.

    Bad day at Lindenwood for somebody for sure!

  5. Karl

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  6. Karl

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    Given the downward angle, it would appear that the crownsheet would be dry. Might one assume that since the boiler is still attached to the frame, the fire was banked, and the BP was much lower than operating pressure. Else the fire was dumped quickly after the mishap.

    The locomotive might have had a leaky throttle valve, and gained forward motion as the brakes leaked off.
  7. FRISCO4503

    FRISCO4503 FRISCO4503 Supporter

    And I am sure most of them were the ones referred to as foul language!

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