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    Well the Bad news is, after all the progress I have made. I have to tear my layout down. I am being forced to move from my current home. It seems all the rain we have had this year has caused black mold to consume my home. In looking at my rolling stock and locomotives, nothing seems to be damaged from this. So the layout will start being dismantled this weekend, all rolling stock and locomotives will be packed away and carefully stored. We are spending this week looking at new houses.

    Now FOR THE GOOD NEWS. SWMBO told me that I can have the Garage for my NEW LAYOUT, which will give me more real estate to build a much bigger, much nicer layout, hopefully I will get a 2 to 3 car garage to where I can build something that will look accurate to handle 40 to 50 car trains. OH BOY I AM EVER EXCITED. I am happy I built a layout this first time that is designed to come down with just the removal of a few screws. This will make it possible to move what I already have that has completed scenery virtually undisturbed. I will let yall know when I start rebuilding. Plus I will take pictures of the new home for the layout.|-||-||-||-||-||-||-|
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    Hope all goes well! If confused, are you going to keep the layout and move it, or completely start over?:confused:
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    I'm sad, then happy for you...
  4. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    Are you saying that you will not need to call out a Haz-Mat train? If so did the Frisco even have such a train in the era that you model?
  5. FRISCO4503

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    I plan to keep the layout, just add alot more to it.

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