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    When I was working for the Kansas Eastern Division of Watco which was on the old FRISCO from Neodesha to Fredonia. I remember one day it was cold, snow had fallen but we had to switch the grain elevators in Fredonia as well as the ADM corn syrup tanks.We went out to build our train and departed for Fredonia rather early. Bruce was the engineer,I was the Conductor, and JV was just sort of a switchman. On that particular train we were told to take a short drag of Flat cars over to Fredonia for the Evening Haulage train to take back to Winfield. So we hooked em up air tested em, poked a lil red flag in the rear coupler and down the hill we went. SOmewhere during the time it took me to trudge through the snow up to the headend so we could depart, A herd of deer decided to take refuge from the local hunters in the area and so they hopped aboard the flat cars. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself but JV came over the radio and told us that we had an unauthorized hazardous shipment that wasn't supposed to bein the train. This scared the bajesus outta me because I thought I was in trouble for not making up the train right. Well, JV finally told me to look back at my train in the next curve and low and behold. We had a carload of Prescious venisin on board. Here we were traveling at 10 miles an hour hauling an unsecured load alright. Those deer were just all non-shalontly taking the train. I guess they figured "hey, the hunters can shoot us but this thing dont stop till the next town, so dead or not, we still got away. |-|:)|-|:)|-|
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    p.s I got another one that is much better than the first I will post soon!
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    Since you worked that line, would you be willing to post a list of industries that were serviced in the towns like Neodesha, Fredonia, etc.? It would be nice to have them in some rational form like TOWN, INDUSTRY, INBOUND LOADS, OUTBOUND LOADS, FREQUENCY, etc. Also the year that your chart would apply to.
    I know that at the time some of the industries were served by Watco, especially in Fredonia, that used to be done by othere RR's like the MP and Santa Fe. This should also be noted. If you are willing to do this and need some help, email me privately and I will assist you.

    Also this should be started on another thread.

    Bob Hoover
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    I think this is worth modeling during deer season. So where are those Prieser deer anyway . . .

    Ship IT on the Frisco!

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    I will laugh my head off the day I see that modeled.
  6. Loved this one too lol. I have been asked if we had mules on the train when running. "Mules?" Yeah kid cause your haulin .... well we know where that goes lol.

    THis is why I always try to bring my camera to work.I have seen Deere's on a flat car but this is nuts!!!

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