FSE Train Consist - July 31, 1980

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    In the discussion on Frisco run-through train operations, the question was asked about traffic handled on the various run through trains.

    Here is the consist for the UP-SLSF run-through, symbol FSE out of Kansas City on 7-31-1980. It is 2 pages, plus I am including a version of Page 2 with notes explaining how to read the information. We can handle specific discussion on various parts of this (including car types, commodities, and destinations) as follow-up comments below.

    Some comments to start out with. Consists were listed back-to-front of train, so Page 1 starts with the caboose (SLSF 1726). Then there is a line "BL C004 239 .... 12 loads, 11 empties". This refers to a block set off at Springfield (station 239), and I do not have the list for these cars. This is followed by the rest of the train, all cars for Memphis, Tennessee Yard, station C496, and beyond, mostly to C732, Birmingham.

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    This is great stuff. Thank you for posting. I'll need to take some more time to sift through the consist before I come up with questions.

    For now, I would like to point out that the train is running with mixed power. 2836 is a UP U30C, 903 is a Frisco SD45 and 3548 is a UP SD40-2.
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    Thank you for posting this.

    I have a few old Union Pacific blocking guides and freight schedules from the late 1970s and they contain information on the composition of FSE/NWF.

    I'd be more than willing to post scans of them when I get home from work later tonight.

    Based on what I've read on the Classic-UP group, Frisco and Seaboard Coast Line typically assigned SD45s to FSE/NWF, while Union Pacific typically assigned U30Cs and SD4os.
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    On the reefers in the list, the special instructions include the temperature settings.

    There is a load of melons set at 36 degrees and several loads of FZSPUDS, frozen potatoes, set at Zero, also a load of FZVEG, Frozen Vegetables. When I worked for a trucking company that had reefers, the temp set points were very important. If the load went out of temp range, it resulted in a damage claim. The company brought half a load of frozen pies to headquarters one time because the rear of the trailer went out of temperature range. Those were good pies.

    Looking at the second page, I see an error. There is a car (TTX 601738) which is marked as loaded with TOFC2, two trailers, but the trailers actually appear before the car instead of after.
    This is me being a computer programmer, spotting bugs in the output.

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    Alright, here are the scans I promised to upload.

    These are from Union Pacific's September 1978 blocking guide and cover trains Advance NWF, NWF, FSE and Second FSE.

    Please note I am using their Frisco symbols rather than their equivalent UP symbols, as those will be more familiar to all of us.

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