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Discussion in 'Freight Operations' started by meteor910, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. meteor910

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    Several weeks back, Tom Holly kindly sent me a small notebook binder with a Frisco Operating Data Sheets booklet in it. The latest date on the sheets is 3/1/1980, so it is from that timeframe. Pure late-Frisco, no BN!

    Several years ago, in early 2001, member Mike Lutzenberger reproduced some of this data, but as best I can tell, this is the first posting of an actual Frisco operating data booklet.

    Those of you who are interested in Frisco operations, be it real world or on your layouts, may be very interested in these sheets. I know I am, in particular those pertaining to the Eastern Division trains I recall seeing.

    If so, give me feedback. I recently received other such booklets (larger, more details) from a slightly earlier time, and can easily post them as well, if desired.


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  2. Oldguy

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    Although, way too new for me, those are really infomative and potentially useful when setting up for operations.

    I doubt none existed in the 50's or 60's for the Highline.
  3. Karl

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  4. yardmaster

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    Ken, for my money, I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate any of the prototype operational data, regardless of era. It's one of the best ways I know of for researching what the big boys did, in order to accurately model and operate in miniature.

    Best Regards,
  5. meteor910

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    Alas - I have discovered that I will be unable, at this time, to post the other five earlier and more detailed operating data sheet files I have. There is an ownership issue standing in the way.

  6. trainsignguy

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  7. GDG

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    Hi Ken:

    I'd be interested in seeing a full set of these data sheets. We're the ownership issues of the more detailed sheets ever resolved?

  8. klrwhizkid

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    Ownership (copyright) of past railroad documents is public domain after this length of time. It would be great for Ken to post them if he still has them.
  9. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    I'll take a look. I hope I didn't let these get away in our estate sale in St Louis, some of which I was not able to directly supervise. Frankly, I don't remember the ownership problem; this matter was from 2012. My age is showing!
  10. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Supporter

    Alas! Over the last week, I have thoroughly looked through our storage locker, where most of my unpacked railroad stuff is, seeking anything resembling operating data sheets. Nothing turned up. I apologize for letting something desirable get away - I recall our estate sale lady telling me there was a guy at our estate sale interested in St Louis railroad documents and I'm afraid he got them. I also had some MP, Wabash and GM&O stuff, and none of that is here in Naples either. We had mobs of people at our estate sale, and Caroline and I were constantly being beckoned here and there to decide if we wanted to sell this for that, if we had any more of something, our would we take a lower price, etc. The good news is that we made a lot of money, the bad news is that a lot of stuff got away, including two items (models) that were apparently stolen (Rock Island P2K SW1200 & SW800).

    The thing I feel worst about is my book collection - which was extensive, railroads and naval history. About three-fourths of it is gone, and at fairly low value, and I really miss them. Oh well, I agreed to it as there is not enough space here to keep all of it.

    However, I did find a few things that escaped and may be of interest:
    o An April, 1970 St Louis Terminal Industry Schematics booklet (seems to me I already posted this, but I have it if not)
    o An interesting wartime Feb, 1945 ETT for the Eastern Division (poor copy, but easily readable)
    o A Frisco manual on "Protective Services, Heat, Ventilation, Refrigeration" all about reefers on the Frisco. This is dated June, 1963.
    o A Frisco booklet on "Foreign Trade" (thick), explaining about the procedures for using the Frisco to ship to an export port, and including detailed descriptions of the ports of Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL, with track maps. Plus, details (no maps) for Savannah, Palm Beach, Galveston, Houston, Charleston, Mexican border crossings, and shipments to Canada. This is dated October, 1959.

    That's it for now.
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  11. GDG

    GDG Member

    Thanks so much for checking Ken.

  12. RogerRT

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    I have what appears to be a full set. It looks like when a new blocking plan was issued they replaced the page in the book and threw away the old plan. For example the QLA plan I've got is from 3/1/80 & the one Ken posted is from 9/1/78. In addition to the blocking plans there is a bunch of other stuff like a diesel & freight car roster, the local's numbers, tonnage class of engines by division, etc...Sorry Dale didn't see anything on the Clinton Sub but might have missed it. It's not a big book but there is a lot crammed into it on how Frisco operated in it's final days. At 12.1mg it's too big for me to post, I'll send it to Charlie. Roger
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  13. GDG

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    That sounds like just what I was looking for Roger. I'd be grateful if you or Charlie could post them, I think other members would like them as well.

    Frisco operated a lot of long-distance run-thru trains such as QLA, FSE and NWF. I have freight schedules from many of Frisco's partners but never had this missing piece of the puzzle.

    Thanks, GDG
  14. klrwhizkid

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    Roger, if you need help getting those scanned, let me know.
  15. RogerRT

    RogerRT Staff Member Staff Member Supporter

    Greg, it's all in there QLA, FSE, NWF, CTB... They list it alphabetically 1st (BTX-QSF) then by numbers (#30-834), then rosters, etc...The part I found interesting is the explanation of the locals at the very end. There are three (#KCX, #131, #822) that my uncle forgot to take the old plan out so both the old plan & new plan are included. The one train I didn't see is #37, I think by this time it had been renamed #437-A or Advance #437.

    Thanks Keith, it's all scanned, it's a 75-page 12.1mg PDF that's too large to post. I sent it to Charlie last night via Dropbox, if he doesn't post it in a few days I can send it in an email.

    My uncle took brother & I fishing one day in the summer of 1980, while we were on our way to the creek I noticed the book & asked if I could look at it. He said "You can have it, we won't be using it much longer". Roger

    Update, I sent it to Dropbox last night but forgot to move it to Charlie's folder. That's my fault, I just sent it to him so give him a few days to post it. RRT
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  16. GDG

    GDG Member


    Although your uncle's data sheets were probably the last snapshot of Frisco train operations, the same format was used by BN in their train brief books following the Frisco merger. So in a way they remained useful.

  17. GDG

    GDG Member


    Where do you think those sheets may have been posted on the site? Would it just be a reply to this thread?

  18. RogerRT

    RogerRT Staff Member Staff Member Supporter

    Charlie just grabbed it out of dropbox today, so it shouldn't be too much longer...If not I can break it up into smaller pieces...Roger
  19. RogerRT

    RogerRT Staff Member Staff Member Supporter

    I'll tell you what Greg, send me an email address & I'll send it directly to you...Roger
  20. FriscoCharlie

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    That file may be too big for the Archive. Please send it to him directly. :)


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