Frisco 4501 and her move to Frisco

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    The Museum of the American Railroad website is reporting that 4501 should move from the Fair Park grounds to the new Museum grounds in Frisco on May 18th given no further obstacles.

    The move should only take a day. The museum also states that the "Meteor" graphics should be applied by the time of the move.:cool:
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    That will be nice to see. A Friso 4-8-4 on the road again, even if it is being towed, with "Meteor" on the tender sides.

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    Not sure if the 4501 has the "Meteor" logo unless it's been repainted recently. I saw it at Dallas in the 80's and it was just black with tender numerals. However, the 4500 at Tulsa is done up in fine fashion in the blue Meteor scheme.

    Tom G.

    Edit: I just looked at some photos from the museum at Frisco, TX, and it does look like (Although it's hard to see in the pictures) #4501 has had a partial new paint job!
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    I believe it was panted in the Blue and White scheme, without the "Meteor" logo sometime in the last 4 years. With that said, the last time I saw 4501 it was black.

  5. Steamnut

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    Well, the move was put off today because of "high freight volume" and will be rescheduled. I have attached a picture of 4501 ready to hit the rails. The move will take her in front of Dallas Union Station. Trivia question- when was the last time that a Frisco steamer sat in from of the Dallas station?

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    She looks good, Darren.
    Thanks for the update.
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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we see Frisco No. 4501 built for the Frisco by Baldwin Locomotive Works and delivered to the Frisco in November of 1942.
    The 4-8-4 Northern Class Locomotives were designed to eliminate double heading 4-8-2 Mountain Class locomotives on the passenger run from St Louis - Springfield - Tulsa/Oklahoma City. Numbers 4500-01-02 received this beautiful blue paint job with Meteor, all in red, the name of the train it pulled. She was and is quite the site. Two of these grand ladies of the Frisco Lines still survive.
    No. 4500 is in West Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Route 66 Village. Click here to see it move:

    Frisco No. 4501 is located at the Museum of the American Railroad in Frisco, Texas.

    SLSF #4501 4-8-4 Northern.jpg

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