Frisco 1522 (Trainz 06)

Discussion in 'Virtual (V) Scale' started by FriscoFan1522, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. FriscoFan1522

    FriscoFan1522 Member

    Today I got a little bored and decided to put 1522 on the high iron and snap a few pictures also.

    trainz 2013-06-23 14-16-33-508.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-16-37-145.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-17-49-567.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-17-57-019.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-18-33-349.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-20-43-413.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-20-44-172.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-21-06-279.jpg trainz 2013-06-23 14-21-07-130.jpg
  2. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    She's really gettin' with it! Looks good.
  3. Looks good! Lot of PRR thru cars on this version of the Meteor though:p
  4. FriscoFan1522

    FriscoFan1522 Member

    Yeah I really need some more Frisco stuff. But since Auran cut access to the download station to older Trainz versions like mine that is looking slim. Thanks for the comments guys!

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