Frisco 0-6-0 Engines # 3653-3751

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    Hello Frisco Folks

    Here are some photos of Frisco 0-6-0 Engines # 3622, 3653, 3674, 3695, 3704, 3735, 3748, 3749, 3751
    & Frisco & C&E.I. #25

    Enjoy, Rich

    Ship it on the Frisco!

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  2. |-| The picture one the top left and bottom right are at fort smith AR.|-|
  3. Brian waller

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    Locomotive 3749, picture in middle on bottom, is For Sale on "Ozark Mountain Railcar" for $35,000. Located in Florida.

    Brian Waller
  4. Iantha_Branch

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    Sorry to say this, but it's a Sea Board locomotive. I was looking through photo's of it, and the side of the cab has a Sea Board logo, unless that was just painted on there.

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  5. Ethan The seaboard logo, catte catcher and other items were added on the engine over time. It is a true Frisco engine. I wish I had $35,000 and a truck and crane I'd fix her up to be a Frisco engine again. Thats not really too bad a price on an engine. Too bad no one seems to have that or she would be sold.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
  6. Karl

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  7. I was looking on Ozark Mountain Railcars site and I found this "The locomotive was reportedly used in a 1970 film featuring John Wayne, Henry Ford, and Charlton Heston called "Wings of Eagles"." So this mean the engine could have operated less that 40 years ago. Be awesome if she could still steam. Be a nice addition to any railroad museum.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
  8. train61

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    [​IMG] Frisco 3749 is for sale ,
    this is the location of where 3749 is being sold. $35,000 for one of 2 remaining 0-6-0's of Frisco is a bargain... I'm going to try to get some folks in Bham to get old 3749 here.
    later on yall
    Jason Ross
    Bham, AL
    i posted this back in Aug 09, but there aren't any takers yet.
  9. Brian waller

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    Yes, Murphy this Frisco Locomotive #3749 will be an nice addition to any railroad museum. I wish I has $35,000 to get it to add to my museum, "The ES&NA RR Historical & Restoration Society Railroad Museum", the name of my museum that is new, just getting start. This RR Museum is located in Eureka Springs, Ark., at Silver Wings Field Airport.

    Brian Waller

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