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Discussion in 'Electrical/Electronics' started by gstout, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. gstout

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    I recently upgraded (I use the term loosely) to Windows 7 from XP, and whaddya know, my slide/negative scanner does not work with Windows 7, so I had to buy a new one. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old one except that it is incompatible with my "new and improved" computer, I am offering my old scanner to anyone who wants it, no charge except for the postage to ship it. I want to emphasize, as far as I know, it will not work with Windows 7, but it works great with XP, so if you are still running XP and would like this baby, it's yours (first one to request via PM). If you know of a patch or think you know how to make it work with newer software, good for you, but don't tell me because I already spent the money to buy a new one. This is a small unit, not a professional model, and will only load 3 slides or 6 negatives at a time, but, hey, what do you want for the price of postage? Comes with software, USB connection and cartridges to load slides or film. Does not require an outside power source.

  2. frisco1522

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    What kind of scanner is it?
  3. Sirfoldalot

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    I have the same problem except computer is Win8 (which I hate with a vengeance)
    guess I will have to purchase a new scanner too!
    Which new scanner did you get?
  4. gstout

    gstout Member Supporter

    So far, for this computer I have upgraded to Windows 7; replaced the CD drive; replaced the hard drive; had to buy a new printer; and had to buy a new scanner. The only thing left of the original unit is the case, the on-off switch and the power cord. It is now like a '53 Pontiac with an LS-6 engine. I got the scanner on-line from Adorama for about $50. It is a Veho VFS-002m. It does a good job, but then so did the one I had.


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