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    Please see this action photograph shot of GP-38AC 659 at Vinita, OK.


    The train is west bound on the Cherokee Subdivision in route to Tulsa. The depot location is mile post 359.7. Vinita was a train order office. The photo is undated, but close inspection indicates it is soon after the locomotive was repainted in Springfield during 9/1979.

    The train has just cleared the diamond crossing interlocking plant with the Missouri, Kansas and Texas (MKT) Railroad. Visible just behind the train, between the caboose and the depot, is the east bound absolute signal, marked with an "A", that protects the Katy diamond.

    The midday sun nicely captures several details. The relatively new Mandarin orange and white paint on the locomotive is strikingly clean. The lighted white class lights indicate the train is operating as Extra 659 West. The train length, only 10 cars at this station, indicates it is a local.

    There is some activity of interest to the head end crew as they look back at the action in front of the depot. Speculation is that they are awaiting switch list instructions from the local agent.

    Interesting modeling details in this view include the yellow bent rail guard posts at the base of the grade crossing signal, the train order stand with step ladder, the depot lights with reflectors, the station sign with white letters on a maroon background and the blanked large former roll up end door on the depot. In addition, there is a Frisco maintenance of way (MOW) truck and railroad pole line behind the depot.

    Hope this helps!


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    Mark - That's about as good of a pristine front-end SLSF GP38 shot in clean as-new condition as we will ever get! Thanks. Look at all the details that are evident. Let's see, where are my Atlas GP38's, and my bin of detail parts???

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    I agree.

    In addition to a great deal of detail information, there is some real human interest in this view and all in a single photograph. The photographer sure caught the drama of the moment.

    Although I believe model railroads and equipment should be built to operate, this would make a cool diorama due to all the interesting stuff.

    Hope this helps.



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