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    Thanks to Roger Taylor (RogerRT) here is the Eastern Division Track Profile Chart for Lindenwood to Springfield. I believe this is ca 1982 (including locomotive engineer notes).

    Roger will have to chime in on the date.

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    Not really sure the date, I got these from a fella I worked with in 1998, those are his notes scribbled on them. He was cutoff down in Springfield and had to work out of KC for a while till he could hold a job in SPM again. He also had the SPM-Tulsa track charts but I didn't have the time to copy them. I was drawing enough attention copying the STL & Thayer charts that I figured I had pushed my luck enough getting what I got.

    Interesting note, when I went thru hoghead high down at JCCC in 94 I got to talking to one of the instructors who worked on the SPM-Thayer line. He said there was some discussion about making the Thayer line part of the final simulator runs that you take before getting your license. But after they loaded the program into the computor & took a test run they felt that it was too difficult so they chose the C&I between Savanah & Aurora, IL. instead.

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    I always ran on the Rolla Sub except for a couple times running from Newburg to Springfield. Ran down the Thayer line and was amazed at how tough it is. I can't imagine running coal trains over that one.
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  4. Roger & Keith,
    Excellent. Thanks

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